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The World’s First Rainbow Alert App!

For parents, educators, meteorology fans, and anyone who simply wants to experience something magical, RainbowFinder is technology that helps make the world a little brighter. 

Coming soon to iOS!

How it Works

RainbowFinder™ brings astronomy and meteorology together for an all-ages, user-friendly rainbow alert app – the first of its kind! It uses location data to analyze current weather conditions and calculate precise solar positions, alerting the user when rainbow conditions are present.


When rainbow conditions are detected, an alert notification is received and a “rainbow compass” shows which direction to look.  There is a built-in photo feature allowing you the opportunity to share pictures of your rainbows with family and friends. Never miss a rainbow with RainbowFinder™, wherever you are, wherever you go – indoors or out!

“Who doesn’t love rainbows? I realized I could create an app that would bring joy to people around the world and help ensure they never miss a rainbow.” 

             – Carl Shearer, app developer  




“This app is such a happy surprise!”

“The coolest idea ever! Just lovely, and so unique … LOVE IT.”


Get real-time rainbow alerts wherever you are, wherever you go – indoors or out!